Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Italian style

From Pinterest
Italian women are, in general, very well dressed and elegant. I always admire them when I look around in Rome, Florence or Venice. (and feeling very frumpy myself in the process)

Where French style is perhaps a bit more conservative, the Italian style can be creative and surprising, colorful and fun. That does not mean that anything goes, definitely not. Italian women know what they can wear and what not, what goes together and what not. They use basics of good quality and have fun with the accessories. The result is beautiful: sexy, confident, elegant and amazing.

The Italian style rules
So, how do Italian women achieve this result? There are a few general rules:
  • Go for quality, in your accessories and clothes and especially your shoes.
  • Basics are always good, like a good pair of jeans or a pencilskirt.
  • Wear fitted clothes, not too tight, but skimming and showing the lines of the body.
  • Use accessories, like a pair of sunglasses, a scarf, some well chosen  jewelry and of course: a great handbag
Together with these do’s, there are also a few don’ts. There are a few things Italian women in general would not be caught dead in: like wearing Uggs or wearing sneakers when you are not at the gym. They are also not fond of showing too much skin and they don’t wear too much make-up.

Apart from these very general rules there is one rule that defines Italian style:
                                  make an effort!

From Pinterest
Both men and women make an effort to look good. Even if you just go to the supermarket or step out to post a letter, you try to look the best you can. You do not put on a pair of old sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt to go out of the door, instead you dress, put on make-up and brush your hair and only then you go out.
You always have to: fare la bella figura, make a good impression.

My Italian style
I love Italian style and I wish I could be as stylish as my sisters in Rome or Florence or Milano.

So, what are the things I can do? I have a great pair of big sunglasses, I love them and they look very stylish. (they were very cheap, but that makes it all the more fun). I try to wear shawls a lot, they often brighten up an outfit in an instant.

Right now I do not have a good pair of jeans, but I intend to buy those when I am at my target-weight. Right now I am losing too much weight to spend a lot of money on quality jeans, I probably don’t fit them anymore in two or three months.

I wish I had the lifestyle in which I could use a beautiful handbag every day, but unfortunately I always have to carry a large schoolbag. The weather here also makes it a bit hazardous to have a good bag, one Dutch rain-shower and your bag is ruined. 
I do have a beautiful handbag (I will show it later), but I only use it occassionally.

But for the rest I hope I can bring (sometimes) a little bit of Italian flair in my wardrobe, I always feel better for it.

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